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Welcome to wYc

The Registration "2016-2017 Season Registration" is not currently available.

wYc Dick's Sporting Goods Shopping Day

Our annual Dick's Sporting Goods shopping day will be October 22nd from 11:00-3:00.  Get 20% off your entire purchase. They will have a selection of wrestling shoes and headgear or you will be able to place an order through their website to have the gear delivered to your house.  A wYc representative will be there to help with any questions you may have.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Cookie dough fundraising sheets are below.  You may currently start taking orders if you choose to do so.  Order forms and payment will be due mid November and the cookie dough will arrive mid December for distribution.  Each wrestler will be required to sell five boxes.

wYc is honored and proud to donate $1500.00 to the Darnell Family, helping them with the financial responsibility of a wheelchair-accessible van for Hunter. Thank you to all who generously added to our total.

KCFP Wrestler Challenge 2015

wYc prides itself not only on the technique our coaches teach our wrestlers, but also the lessons taught which build confidence, leadership skills and character, which will certainly be what will carry them along in life ~ especially when off the mats.  We kicked off this season with a project to "give back" to those in our own community. What happens when you give 80+ wrestlers a challenge? Not only do they meet that challenge, they go beyond!  Thank you to all of our wYc Families who collected an amazing amount of clothing, toys, household items and food for Kendall County Food Pantry.  The amount donated was overwhelming, and giving to those in need is an amazing gift.  The lesson learned for helping others is surely more important than what is learned on a wrestling mat.

Our wrestlers surpassed our requests, not surprising at all!

2013-14 Wrestling Club Members

Yorkville Wrestling Club Executive Board Application

Yorkville Wrestling Club Mission Statement

1st Place Bantam Division at Harlem Mid-Season Preview Tourney

To provide quality instruction in the fundamentals of wrestling.

To enhance the physical development of young men and women in a safe, fun and competitive environment.

To promote the sport of wrestling in Yorkville.

To present opportunities for advancement to regional, sectional, state and national competitions.

To have fun and build a community family for both kids and adults.